Weed Control

        We are licensed by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture to use chemicals. MANY of our competitors are not.  This is illegal and potentially a liability problem for the client.  We also do our weed control IN HOUSE, none of the work is subcontracted out.  Subcontracting this very important step creates problems for consistency and obtaining reliable results.


        We only use top of the line fertilizers and herbicides, and it shows in the results. Many of our competitors use inferior, less expensive, less effective products.  We also use less chemicals than other firms. We are more environmentally conscientious, while still obtaining outstanding turf health and weed control!
  • The vast majority of our applications are done with 4-gallon backpack sprayers, NOT a 400-gallon truck.
  • Spot applied (post emergent) herbicides - We don't waste or over use chemicals by applying product where it is not needed
  • Our fertilizer product is a specially formulated, annually applied slow release fertilizer. This product was specifically developed for Colorado soils and climate
  •         When a system of proper treatment is followed, the turf grass is allowed to become healthier, and thereby reduce the overall weed value on a site.  This in turn means less weeds to spray and less chemical to achieve a weed-free turf. 
    • Environmentally conscious and just plain smart!